Macquarie Computing Doctoral Conference (MCDC)


The Macquarie Computing Doctoral Conference (previously known as Macquarie Computing Mini-Conference) is an annual departmental event held by the Department of Computing, Macquarie University. The primary purpose of this conference is to provide research training to the research students in the department.

  • Students who are expected to have sufficiently developed their research plans (but are not too close to submit their theses) are required to submit a short abstract of their proposed thesis.
  • The submissions get reviewed by at least three program committee members consisting of academics as well as research students, and suggestions are provided back to the authors.
  • Students revise the abstracts in light of the comments received, and present at the MCDC.
  • Additionally, students are encouraged to submit their presentation slides as well, which often receive suggestions from the reviewers.
  • Students get an opportunity to listen to eminent keynote speakers from the local area.
  • There are three student awards — for best submission, best presentation, and best review — that are awarded at the conclusion of MCDC.

Thus, the MCDC provides the research students opportunity to get training in academic writing, presentation, as well as in peer reviewing, each an integral part of research training. The MDMC is also a prelude to the Annual Progress Review of the research students in the department which is held soon after the MCDC. Best effort is made to ensure that the interview panel for different students include academics who have reviewed the student submission and/or attended the student presentation.

The Macquarie Computing Doctoral Conference was conceived of in 2002 as a part of the annual departmental review of post-graduate students’ research progress, and as a means to strengthen the post-graduate research in the department. It was held later that year for the first time. Since then, this forum has been an important annual event in the department.

The 13th Computing Doctoral Conference (MCDC-14) will be held on 18-19 June, 2014. Please go to the home page of MCDC-14 for details.