This is a typical timeline for a research degree:

  1. Macquarie University Induction Day
    Attendance at the Central Commencement Program is mandatory for all new postgraduate students. Students are notified by mail of the time and date of this session. See our commencements page for more details.
  2. Faculty Commencement Program
    This will be held once a semester. Attendance is compulsory for all new students. See our commencements page for more details.
  3. Postgraduate training courses
    COMP901: Research Methods and Communication is a required coursework unit. If you believe you already have sufficient relevant training, and would like this requirement be waived in your case, please contact the convenor of COMP901, currently Dr. Diego Molla.
  4. Research planning
    Students are required to develop a solid research plan that leads to the thesis and submit it to the departmental HDR Director within 6 months. More information about the form of the research plan is available here.
  5. Commencement Program Report
    The student progress in the abovementioned activities is reported by the Faculty’s HDR administration team in the Commencement Program Report which is submitted to HDRO within 6 months. HDRO will confirm the student’s enrolment provided all the required components have been completed.
  6. Annual Progress Review
    The Department conducts this review every year. It takes the form of a “miniconference”, where students present their work; submission of a written document; and an interview with a panel.
  7. Annual Report
    This is a University requirement. The form is to be completed by the student as described here.
  8. Nomination of thesis examiners
    The student and supervisor should nominate thesis examiners at least three months prior to thesis submission. The forms and information about the process can be obtained here.
  9. Submission of thesis
    The student submits bound copies of the thesis Faculty’s HDR administration team together with Submission of Thesis and Certification forms, as specified here.
  10. Thesis examiner reports
    HDRO will forward these reports to the supervisor. When required, the student is to make revisions or corrections and return the revised copies to HDRO within the specified time frame.
  11. Graduation
    Well done!