Class start dates

Session 1 2017

100 Level

Unit Week Class Type
ISYS100 Week 1 Practical
ISYS104 Week 1 Practical
COMP115 Week 1 Practical
COMP125 Week 1 Practical
COMP188 Contact Unit Convenor


200 Level

Unit Week Class Type
ISYS254/ITEC654 Week 2 Practical
COMP225 Week 2 Practical
COMP247/ITEC647 Week 2 Practical
 COP249/ITEC649 Week 2 Practical
COMP260 Week 1 Practical_1 and Practical_2


300 Level

Unit Week Class Type
ISYS302/ITEC602 Week 2 Practical
ISYS355/358/COMP355 Contact Unit Convenor
ISYS360 Week 2 Practical
COMP330 Week 1 Practical
COMP343/ITEC643 Week 1 Practical
COMP348 Week 2 Practical
COMP350 Contact Unit Convenor
COMP352 Contact Unit Convenor
COMP356 Contact Unit Convenor
COMP388 Contact Unit Convenor
COMP434 Week 1


NOTE: Week 1 = Begins 27th February 2017.

Lectures for all units start in Week 1.


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