200 Level Liaison Committee Meeting

There will be three meetings scheduled for S2, 2015 in room E6A357 1pm, Wednesdays:

  • Week 3 (12th August 2015) Minutes 2015_08_12
  • Week 7 (9th September 2015) 
  • Week 10 (14th October 2015) 

Here are some questions to ask your classmates before attending the meetings.

Help 201 in Lab E6A121 Tutors will be available to help you with 200-level COMP/ISYS Units.

Your feedback is wanted!

Please email 200 level liaison committee chair or to contact the unit convenor and raise any concerns. Please use this Checklist as a prompt to provide feedback to your representative, on issues that matter.

The Liaison Representatives are:

COMP202 : Tim Bishop, Jessica Dinh, Robert Rutter Boekemann, Jarrad O’Brien, Shili Huang

ISYS224 : Martin Appleton, Tim Bishop, Anas Ali, Wonder Ataho

COMP255: Wen Jun Liang, Sebastian Villafana-Soto, Adrian Kane, Rowan Walker

Past Minutes